Monday, May 11, 2009

Mommy, Momma, Mom, Mother.....

Yesterday was Mother's day! And i LOVED it! This year couldn't have been better! To start the weekend off, Dylan had flowers sent to me at work on Friday, with a poem he had written to me. Yes, I bawled! How many 14 year old boys even THINK to do that? Then later on Friday, I found out that Hunter had written an essay at daycare about why his mom should be "Mother of the Year." And for that, he won a gift basket for me, full of all sorts of goodies. And Coby brought home a card that he made at daycare! (Those are the best.)
So yesterday, my parents, as well as Cory's parents came over to cook out for Mother's Day. It went great! I just love that our family's get along so well and we are able to get-together that way.
Above is a picture of our family with Cory's parents.

This is a picture of all the mom's. Cory's mom, Jessica (my neice), me, and my mom!

This is my parents with my family!


  1. awww that's so sweet. I'm so glad you had a good day - you deserve it. you are a great mom.

  2. That is wonderful! We used to do the same thing for Mother's Day and Father' Day when we all lived in the same city and our parents were all living.