Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why am I SO tired?

Ok, the past few days I've been DRAGGING! And I keep saying WHY?! Let me just give you a sample run down of my day yesterday....and YOU let me know what I can 'cut out' of my schedule or change, to save time.....or energy.....

I set my alarm for 4:45am, was going to get up and ride my exercise bike, but I snoozed it until 5:20am! So LAZY.....

5:20am - up and at 'em! Shower, get the kids up and ready to go.
6:40am - leave the house and head to drop the kids off at daycare.
7:15am - give the hugs and kisses at daycare and head out.
7:20am - run by the post office and check the mail.
7:40am - run in walmart and grab a few things for the house.
7:55am - arrive at work.
8:15am - leave work to do a work errand.
9:30am - arrive back at work.
12:30 - take a late lunch, go tan and run to do a personal errand.
1:40pm - arrive back at work
4:50pm - leave work
5:20pm - arrive at Coby's swim lessons, get him changed, encouraged, etc.
6:35pm - leave swim lessons and head home
7:00pm - stop at Dollar General on the way home and buy a disposable camera, because the
middle child INSISTS he needs one for the last day of school, tomorrow!
7:10pm - arrive home
7:20pm - start cooking dinner
7:40pm - as dinner is cooking, throw in a load of the kids jeans to wash. (Keep in mind I haven't
had a dryer in 6 days now, so everything has to be hung to dry.) FYI: new lessons:
Jeans do NOT dry fast on their own! I tried laying them under the ceiling fan all
night, using the hair dryer on them. WOW! I won't be trying THOSE neat tricks again,
anytime soon.
7:50pm - sit down with the family and have a QUICK, yes i do mean QUICK dinner!
8:00pm - make sure the middle child is in bed, and start the little one's bath.
8:10pm - finished with bath, onto getting dressed. (This is usually daddy's part in the routine,
however, daddy was outside still working on some thing.)
8:20pm - read a book to my little man, before bedtime.
8:30pm - put him in bed.
9:00pm - tiddy up the kitchen a little from dinner dishes. I was too tired for the "full blown"
CLEAN the kitchen thing.
9:10pm - make sure the oldest is getting ready for bed as well, he DOES have to get up early.
9:20pm - take a quick shower
9:40pm- watch what i can of the news.
10:00pm - lay in bed and TALK (yes TALK) because we've both been running like crazy
all day and haven't been able to talk about our day at all.
11:00pm - look at the clock and count how many hours i NOW have to sleep.....if I go to sleep
RIGHT now, I will get 5 hour and 45 minutes! WHHHOOOOHHHOOO!


  1. ok maybe you should get rid of a kid or 2, that would help with your scheduling.

    or don't cook - that works for me

    or don't do laundry - just wear them inside out - then you get twice as much wear out of them.

    see - you can do it!

  2. That cooking thing definitely needs to be cut out and I think Daddy needs to come in and HELP! You wear me out!

  3. Um yeah, I'm exhausted reading your schedule. Mine are little enough where I don't have to do all that running around YET. YOU are pretty amazing. And did you say "last day of school"...that can't mean any more rest for YOU LOL

  4. I'd definitely ditch the cooking...teach your kids to embrace sandwiches!

    I think your problems begin when you set your alarm for that even a REAL hour???

  5. If you don't write down the schedule, you will forget how early you woke up. Maybe. And then you won't remember how tired you really should be. Who knows. Maybe it will work. And if it does, let me know.

  6. I'm exhausted just reading your schedule LOL. You definitely have a lot on your plate - more than I with 4 children, 3 of which are 5 months old.

  7. That's a full schedule!!
    Is that a type, does anyone wake up at a time that starts with the number 4??

    You are superwoman!!!

  8. Totally unrelated, but did you get my email with the laundry det. recipes?