Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smore, Smore! We want Smore fishing!

This was a FIRST of S'mores for some of my family! No kidding! Cory had never had Smores before, and of course it was a first for Coby, as well. My dad and Dylan enjoyed just eating the marshmallows. Hunter, would "cook" them for us, but he wouldn't eat any. I liked it all! YUM!
My dorky son, with his "headlights." (He will kill me when he see's this!)

Hunter enjoying a boat ride up the river. Ready to get some more fishing in, before going home.

Check out Coby getting that trout in the boat! He enjoyed fishing this year even MORE than last year! And it was SO cute. You could see the look of surprise on his face when he would feel something on the line. And just watching him reel, reel, reel! I bet daddy will be having Coby take them off the hook next time! LOL! Just kidding.
We had a great family trip. But it's good to be back home too.


  1. that actually does look like fun. maybe next time you should invite me!

  2. Sheila, ignore that 1st comment (ha)!

    What an awesome trip! I know you had a blast and just remember that to continue having GREAT times fishing and all things out doorsy, DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT invite Brandy (ha, ha, ha)!

  3. I have to agree with Jay on this one!