Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photos to Canvas

Long time, no blog...I know! I know!!

But luckily, I did get a chance to do a review for easy canvas prints! I am VERY happy with how the canvas turned out !

Of course, since we just got married I was DYING to have a wedding pic put on canvas!

Please excuse the no so great picture quality (that is only due to my camera) - but I assure you the canvas is TOP quality! I tried to take a few different angle views so you could get the full effect.

I ordered the 8x10 wrapped canvas! I am LOVING it! I think it turned out adorable!

I have it setting on our fire place. I would like to buy a canvas stand to put it on. But for now - I'm loving it RIGHT where it is!

I highly reccomend Easy canvas prints - the quality is exceptionally high and they had a VERY fast turn around time.

SO - hurry! Go order yours now!!


  1. I have a family canvas picture hanging on our wall. I LOVE it! Yours is gorgeous!