Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Saturday night Cory and I took Coby to Hallozooween! It was CRAZY! Lot's of people, long lines, etc. But THIS made Coby's WHOLE night......Seeing a "real life size" Darth Vader and ObiWonKanobi! We are SOO into star wars right now it's not even FUNNY!
Our little Darth hiding in the trees...
Darth climbing on the zoo statues....

And Coby and daddy carved a pumpkin this year! Coby is LOVING it - every evening he can't WAIT to light the candle in the pumpkin!

I'm loving the age he is at and hate how fast time flies by......


  1. Okay, seriously. Star Wars. Starwars STARWARS STARWARSSTARWARS...and Legos. LEGO STARWARS.
    But he's a cute lil Darth!

  2. It made me laugh to see him hiding in the trees!!!

  3. What a little cute Darth you have on your hands!!! He's so funny too!