Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Tuesday - here I go!

So....I havent' Random Tuesday'd in like a bazillion years!!!!

I have a teenager!!! Ever seen those t-shirts that say "as a mother of teenagers-I understand why some animals eat their young?" YES! That is me!!! Why do they have to have SO MUCH drama? One person really put it in perspective for me....they called it "jello brain!" EXACTLY!

So...even though I don't have a green thumb! I'm going to have a garden this year! Yep....Cory told me to make a list of what I want to grow in my garden because this will be "my baby!" OH YEA!!!

Coby fell over on his dirt bike yesterday! NOT while it was in motion, nor when I was there! How soon do you think Cory told me about it? WAY AFTER IT HAPPENED.......

So Dylan is in track......he's a sprinter! Dumb me.....I thought sprinting was like a fast-paced-leisurely-jog! WRONG AGAIN! I had this HAIR-BRAINED idea that Dylan and I could start running together! HA! He was EXTREMELY patient with his outta-shape momma Sunday night! We walked a little....jogged a little....got chased by a german shepard....ran into 3 matsif's that wanted to show us their teeth.....yeah....next time...we will be walking/jogging a different route! Dylan swears he's going to tie a dog bone to my butt so I will run faster! That's SUPER nice of him, huh?

I learned this week that Hunter can ride his bike SUPER DUPER fast......when being chased by the same German Shepard that chased me! It wasn't funny......but I was HURTING from laughing so much!

So I recently connected with my BFF from my growing up days! Sherri! OMG! I didn't realize how much I missed her! And the funny thing is....she still has the same mannerisms, actions, thoughts, etc! She makes me smile! :) Hi Shu-wee!

So....click the button and random up!


  1. I can not believe Coby fell. Is he ok? did he get dirty?

  2. Even I know what a sprinter is, momma! And I'm way lame! LOL

  3. u could always soak his shorts in meat (if he were to use the bone trick on u)or just for fun?! lol ..he will get some good training in!

  4. I was a sprinter. I loved running. Now? Not so much. Hate it really.

    I like Kerri's idea. hehe!

  5. good luck on the garden girlie.. i cant wait to see pix!!!!! hugs!!!!

  6. The image of y'all running from dogs was making me giggle, I'm not going to lie. But I only laugh because I have been there. Except I was on a bike and my sister was running. I had two options get between her and the dog or stop and try to get her on the bike and go. Guess which I chose? Neither, I pedaled like hell while hollering for her to run "faster faster!" She didn't speak to me for two days... weird.

  7. I can sprint from my couch to the fridge, does that count?