Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

Ok....I will apologize now that I am one of those "bragging" mommy's, today!!!
Coby got this puzzle for his birthday! Coby LOVES puzzles! And usually I buy him the 24 piece puzzles (that is the one that says it is for his age.) Well...this Toy Story puzzle is 100 pieces! I thought "oh no!" 100 pieces strung all over the house! Well - one night last week, Coby got it out and wanted to work on it.
Yeah!!! he did it!!!! Now....let me say that I took all the "green/framed pieces" and put them to one side so he could work on all the other pieces first. And I would tell him "now find all the pieces that have part of the dinosaur in them." And he could just build from there!

He worked on this puzzle for about an hour! But look!!! He did it!!!!


  1. Oh, what a smart 4-year-old! That's awesome.

  2. That is awesome! Caden loved puzzles his age too.

  3. Great job!!! He's very smart!! Watch out mom!! Missed our walk today. Tomorrow?

  4. That's not bad! An hour?! It took us forever to do a 100 piece Toy Story puzzle last week! LOL!
    I hate braggy mommies...that being said, did I tell you my kid is a genius?? LOL!!!