Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Tuesday - with pictures!

Coby had his 6 month check-up and cleaning at the dentist today. They are soo cool! See, here he is with his cool sunglasses and the TV remote (yes there is a TV right above his head!) Cory LOVES pico de gallo! So...I ventured out this weekend and made some all by myself! ALL fresh veggies. Therefore; zero weight watchers points plus!
I saw a CUTE tutorial on how to make a case for the leapster. However....I didn't pay close enough attention to it, so I kinda had to "wing it" on my own! It turned out OK..There is no way I could give it to anyone else. I STINK at zippers (my first time to ever do one.) But Coby didn't seem to mind!
Here it is with the zipper half open.
Bottom line - it works and Coby loves it - so that's what is important, right!?


  1. I like that leapster bag! :)
    And I want the pico de gallo.
    Why didn't they have cool things at the dentist when I was a kid?!

  2. If I was making a case for anything it would look a lot like a Wal Mart bag. That pico looks awesome. I'm hungry.

  3. EW EW EW! I HATE (LOATHE) pico!!! But I love the sewing business!! Good for you. I don't sew. Not even a button on a shirt. Brady says I should tutor myself on Youtube. I may....

  4. awesome! that tv thing is cool!