Monday, February 7, 2011

Snowklahoma!!! The Blizzard of 2011!

I didn't think I was EVER going to be able to leave my house! We have had WAY too much snow!!! But - we tried to make the best of it!
This is the middle child sledding.... Coby and Daddys' turn (yeah - they about gave me a heart attack!)This one CRACKS me up!!!

Hunter & Coby sledding together!

Playing in the snow at home - Coby said he was making a snow superman!

Product of Coby's snow-angel.
Coby MAKING his snow-angel.


  1. Too much snow for this Texas girl! Looks like your boys loved it!

  2. great pictures. but done with snow.

  3. Very cute! I'm with done with snow, as you know.

  4. Awww, you're all, "I'm gonna make lemonade out of lemons" with the snow.
    Brandy's all, "I'm gonna shove a lemon up your ass!"

  5. Great pics! I am so sick of the snow, but it looks like lots of fun.

  6. Your sledding looks better than ours. We were in an area that the snow blew away and had bare grass at the top. I am lovin' MiMi's comment BWAHAHA That about made me spit my DP on my screen.

    I keep looking out my office window today.... not ready for it all to happen again. :(

  7. Love the pics!! We tried to make the best of it too. Looks like it'll be back fo school and normal next week. I'm looking forward to the 60 degrees they're predicting for next week!!

  8. Great pictures!! I love he snow superman! :D Too cute. Looks like you enjoyed the snow! Brandy said you were out of town so i hope it's at a snowless fun place!!

  9. Looks like lots of fun. Sledding is awesome. And a snow superman has to be one of the coolest things ever next to his batman hat.