Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Girls Night Out - Miranda Lambert!

Last week we had girls night out and went to see Miranda Lambert! It would've been PERFECT except for the fact that we had some TOTAL "screamers" behind us! yes...I understand we were at a concert...and yes I understand people scream, but this was TOTALLY ridiculous!!! The next day I still could NOT hear out of my left ear, LITERALLY!!! And I'm not sure it's 100% back today, either!
ANYWAY - Miranda ALWAYS puts on a GREAT show! HIGH ENERGY!@! Look how cute she is with her pink guitar! Some of the sights we saw...check out this dudes dread locks......

And PINK HAIR, ona GUY!?!?! REALLY!?!?!

Our crew for the night!!! I had a GREAT time and I think the other girls did too! Trying to decide who we will go see next....


  1. Hey! Just saw you on Kenzi's blog (All The Weigh) and thought I'd stop by and say "hi"! I'm from OK too. It's always nice to "meet" other Oklahoma bloggers!

    Jealous that you went to the Miranda Lambert concert!!! Sounds like fun!