Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 Subjects Today!

Our garden updates: Mine first! This is ONE of our 9 tomato plants!! If you look can see the green tomatoes and if you look EVEN can see a couple red ones! YEA!!!Coby's Garden Update: Going GREAT!!! The "big" plants are his pumpkins!! I can NOT believe how well they are doing....The front row is his watermelons - they are coming along...just not as big and bold as the pumpkins!
And my beloved FLIP FLOPS! Brandy hosted a flip flop swap and I received mine in the mail yesterday from CANADA! How exciting is that?? I never receive anything from that far away!! But I LOVE these flip flops! They are soft and squishy feeling (soooo comfy) And what's even better....they match my swim suit for this year! YEA!!!

I heart flip flops!


  1. yay for flippies. and uh yay for gardens?

  2. Look at your nice toes and tan. Here in Oregon everyone is getting whiter by the day. Ifthe rain doesn't go away nobody will have a garden either because all of the plants will drown.

  3.'re garden looks like it's doing great! My garden is sucky this year. I have to plant everything in pots, and I bought cheap soil this year. There's always next year, I suppose.

    Love the Flops!

  4. Sheesh, you have some nice feet too!
    Hey, are you gonna make tons of salsa??? Yum!

  5. Glad you like them. I love gardening..and those your tomatoes look great.

  6. Oh I love the flip flops, especially love the color!